Gretchen's design work is stellar. She's a fierce advocate for her clients and a pleasure to work with. I can rely on the fact that she immediately understands, in fact, seems to intuit exactly what I'm looking for occasionally with very little information or communication from my end. Gretchen has done not just design work for me but, also been a part of the brainstorming and branding process on projects...projects that have gone on to win marketing awards.

Gretchen Long is simply the best designer I have encountered in my career. I have used Queen City Creative exclusively for all my creative needs - branding, print, web, images, etc. Gretchen is smart, personable, incredibly skilled, and always delivers a superlative product that is better than I had imagined.
I have had the pleasure of working closely on countless projects with Gretchen over the last 8 years, and I look forward to many more. In my last position at Massachusetts General Hospital, Gretchen's work was touted as "the best we have ever produced" and a number of my colleagues now also partner with Queen City and are thrilled with the results.
Gretchen is a phenomenal designer, a collaborative and knowledgable professional, and a real pleasure to work with. I could not recommend her or Queen City Creative more highly.

I have used Gretchen's, Queen City Creative for the past two years for nearly all of my Graphic Design needs. She was instrumental in helping me put a full campaign together that included, social media, internet and print. Gretchen has put a full Magazine together for me as well as program guides, poster design, banner design and trade show booth design. Each project is met with the highest level of professionalism and creative sharing. If you are in the market for a Graphic Designer that thinks outside the box, collaboration oriented and a high level of client attention, look no further than Gretchen Long and Queen City Creative.

In decades of working with graphic designers I've seldom met her equal for creativity and professionalism. Her work is highly effective at delivering the message.

Working with Gretchen is always a dream. She has great vision and is flexible when that vision doesn't always work. I feel that she is such a strong designer that she can handle any situation that you throw her way and make it beautiful. I love her innovative design and her clear view. It is wonderful to work with her as a photographer because she can direct a shoot in a fun and easy going way and yet maintains such authority over her crew! Not only have I worked on projects with Gretchen as the designer, but she recently did my branding for my business and I couldn't be happier with the results! I highly recommend Gretchen as a graphic designer and I personally look forward to working with her every time a job comes our way!

I can’t say enough about the top-notch quality of Gretchen’s work. Simply put, she’s got skills! Gretchen is super quick, highly creative and has excellent design instincts. In the end, the results are vibrant, clean and eye-catching. As a communicator and marketer, I am grateful to work with a designer who takes the time to understand our messages and expertly bring them to life. And here’s the big plus: I love working with her! Gretchen’s easygoing, cheerful attitude makes the process enjoyable.